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Masonic Yacht Club
Incorporated 24 August, 1964

“A Family Club of International Distinction”

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The MASONIC YACHT CLUB is cruising into adventurous waters that promise FUN and FROLIC for ALL members and their families.

See our upcoming Social Activities page.

We are fully registered with the Yacht Clubs of America so you can visit other yacht clubs with reciprocity.  We also have a Courtesy Card for our ladies to use when they wish to go to a yacht club for lunch or dinner.  We have Rendezvous and social gatherings throughout the year.

Because we are registered with the American Yacht Clubs, you & your partner can enjoy the facilities of any club listed in the AYC's Reciprocity Guide with your valid membership card.

“We are on the move – We are going places”

The Officers of the 2023-24 Masonic Yacht Club



Commodore ACancemi, Vice Commodore JArist, Rear Commodore EForeman, Fleet Captain PWithjack, Port Captain and Special Events Coordinator DGardner, Fleet Surgeon DRosenfeld, Secretary RStein, Treasurer ALi, Chaplain RWitthohn


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See our upcoming Social Activities page.

The Commodore's Log 2014 - 2015      

          We have plotted our course and set our sails as warm summer breezes guide us toward the horizon as a new season of the Masonic Yacht Club begins.
          I am expecting an exciting year as our club is growing and moving forward with great momentum and enthusiasm.  As a team, we will continue to perpetuate and strengthen the Yacht Club with new members as we have been doing in recent years.  I am proud that we are recognized internationally as we have members in many parts of the globe.  I am excited about the prospect of continuing and expanding a strong and united brotherhood.  Together, with our First Mates Club, I am eager to continue the fine traditions we have instilled and I appreciate and welcome any suggestions to strengthen and better our organization.
         We are motivated and continue to move forward as we strive for excellence.  I will continue the good works the Yacht Club has done such as donating life jackets and boats to Camp Turk, sponsoring fishing tournaments, and the Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach.  Just recently, we supported the Grand Secretaries Golf Classic with a foursome representing the MYC as well as sponsoring a hole.  In addition, a number of our members donated their time to help the Suffolk County Postal Workers sort the food they collected for Long Island Cares and Island Harvest. Our most recent undertaking was to organize a regatta at the Masonic Children’s summer camp, Camp Turk.  Ten sailboats with crews of four, raced around the lake to determine the best and fastest boat and crew.  Everyone left happily as trophies for participation were awarded to each camper as well as trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Everyone was a winner.  As an organization, we continue our good works through service to our communities as well as our Brotherhood.  As individuals, we experience Masonic camaraderie as we strengthen friendships and turn acquaintances into lifelong friendships.
         I am extremely pleased that our meetings have generated such positive feedback.  They have been well attended and our membership continues to contribute many good ideas for activities and improving our club.
         Together, “We are on the Move” and “We are going Places”.  Join me as we venture forth.  May we have calm seas and smooth sailing.

               Anthony Cancemi, Commodore        


  See our Application for Membership page
 (You MUST be Mason, however, owning a boat is not a prerequisite.)

Acquaintance Party at Verdi's of Westbury

Acquaintance Party at Captain Bill's 2014 with music by Bobby Vee

Photos from our Cancer Walk

 Winery Trip Photos

Opening Day Ceremonies

Opening Day Ceremonies 2014
Saint John's Weekend 2014
The Grand Secretary's Golf Outing 2023
Camp Turk the Great Sailboat Regatta 2014
Election of Officers 2014

A Brief History of our Club by Kathy Stein

In the spring of 1958, a group of nautical minded Masons gathered together and established a Masonic Boat Club. The first Commodore was Walter Price, and their meetings were held at the Hotel Astor. From this very small beginning, our membership has grown to include members from as far away as St Thomas. Since its inception, all Masons are welcome to attend and to bring their wives and friends. All of the club’s business and finances are taken care of by the officers and Board of Governors, and then submitted to the membership for approval. This system made the meeting very pleasant not only for the Masons but for their Ladies as well.

On September 20, 1958, Commodore Walter Prince led the first sea going trip. More than 12 boats, all commanded by Masonic skippers, sailed from the Hudson River through the Rockaways to Sandy Hook. The seas were rough but all arrived safe and on time with their distinguished guests M\ W\ Nathan Turk, R\ W\ William Rose, and his son, W. Charles Estey.

The Masonic Yacht Club was formed that Spring. Mason sailors who formed a club, coming together with families, friends and their ladies. You did not have to have a boat or be a skipper to become a member. The W\ Carl Terjung wrote their communications.

"Under the Fellowship program, there is an active club know as the Masonic Yacht Club, whose incorporation as been approved by the Grand Lodge of New York." We were granted a charter and since then we have had many rendezvous throughout the New York and Long Island areas.

Today, we have the addition of dedicated services of the member’s ladies known as the First Mates Club. They offer support and help whenever needed. The Masonic Yacht Club is part of the Yachting Clubs of America, which affords the Members reciprocity with other yacht clubs. Any Master Mason in good standing is entitled to become a member of the Masonic Yacht club.






www.uscgboating.org  Recalls & Safety Defects.

www.yachtpaint.com  Interlux Site – Good Points.

www.boatdiesel.com  Everything about Diesels.

www.boatrite.com  Database on Product Reviews by Eric Sorensen.

www.soundingsonline.com  Classifieds: Nationwide source of boats for sales.

www.maptech.com  Navigation.

www.nws.noaa.gov  National Weather Service.

www.google.com  Good for searching anything.

www.boatpile.com  Every thing about boating.


For more information you may

Bob Stein, Secretary

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